September 29, 2021

Game Review: Evoplay's Baccarat 777

Evoplay Entertainment released Baccarat 777 in 2018. The game retains all the aspects of the standard Baccarat and adds a special Lucky Sevens bet. As a result, players can easily win more with this new version of Baccarat. The rules are simple, and the interface allows players to follow each game stage with ease. We took the time to test Baccarat 777 game and came up with a breakdown of all the features. 

Game Review: Evoplay's Baccarat 777


The game follows basic Baccarat rules. Players aim to have the winning hand, which is the one closest to or equal to 9. The dealer uses eight decks of cards, with the jokers eliminated before shuffling. Players then bet on one of three options:

  • Player bet
  • Banker bet
  • Tie bet

Dealing starts with two face-up cards for the player and two more face-up cards for the banker. If none of the hands totals eight or nine points, the player is given a third card following the three-card rules.

Depending on the card's value drawn by the player, the dealer may also receive a third card. In the end, the hand with 9 points or closest wins the round.

Each card holds a different value in Baccarat, as outlined below:

  • Ace – 1 point
  • 10, Jack, Queen, and King – 0 points
  • 2 to 9 – the value denoted on the face

Baccarat 777 Side Bets  

Baccarat 777 is better than the standard baccarat game because of the extra betting options. In this regard, players get a chance to spread risk and make more money. Here are all the additional betting options:

Special Pairs

You can bet on any of the following pair outcomes:

  • Player Pair - This bet wins when the player is dealt two cards of the same value in any suit and pays in the ratio of 10:1

  • Perfect Pair - Wins if the player is dealt two identical cards. That is the same value and same suit. The payout is in the ratio of 25:1

  • Banker Pair - This bet wins when the banker is dealt two cards of the same value in any suit and pays in the ratio of 10:1

  • Either Pair - The bet wins if either the player or banker is dealt any pair at the start of the game. It has a payout ratio of 5:1

Natural 9

There are two types of side bets of natural 9. Each pays the ratio of 9:1:

  • Player's Natural 9 - Won when the value of the two cards dealt to the player at the start equal to 9
  • Banker's Natural 9 - Won when the value of the two cards dealt to the banker at the beginning equal to 9

Lucky 7

This is the most profitable bet paying out in the ratio of 77:1. You win if the two cards dealt to the banker or the player are sevens of any suit.

Additional features

Baccarat 777 has a detailed user interface which makes playing the game very easy. The 10, 25, 50, and 100 poker chips at the bottom right allow you to adjust your bet size. A deal button located at the centre helps you to kick start the round. The game tracks each bet so that you can monitor your betting history. In addition, you can switch between demo mode and real money.


Evoplay Entertainment did an excellent job on Baccarat 777 by taking a casino favourite and adding a twist with more betting options. The house edge remains low at 1.1%. The simple rules mean any player can learn the game and be at par with experienced players in no time.

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