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Official Baccarat Rules

Anyone with interest in casino games has probably heard about Baccarat. This is an easy card game that involves comparing the values of cards dealt to two hands known as the 'banker' and the 'dealer.' Bettors seek to predict which hand will return a better value (closest to nine) to win. Bets can also be placed on a tie of both hands.

Basic Baccarat Rules That All players Should Understand

It is an easy game to learn and moves fast too. It is these two features make it highly popular among casino gamblers. This article clarifies various baccarat rules for the benefit of both new and seasoned players.

Placing Bets

Bets are placed before any cards are drawn. After cards are shuffled, players bet on the hand they expect to win. They may also predict that the two hands will yield the same total- a tie bet. When playing in a physical casino, players bet by placing chips of their bet's worth on the betting section of the dealer's table.

In online casinos, players enter the amount they intend to bet, and the amount is withdrawn from their betting account wallet. Once a round is underway, players may not place any other bets and have to wait for the next round.

Dealing of Cards

In a game of baccarat, cards are dealt from a shoe that contains between six and eight decks. These cards are shuffled together. Two cards are dealt to both the player and the banker hand. None of these hands is associated with either the player or the casino.

The cards between two and nine carry their face value, while all other cards have a value of zero. The cards are dealt face-up, after which the player hand outcome determines whether an extra card will be drawn. One hand can stand as the other one draws an additional card, depending on the total they have.

Winning in a Game of Baccarat

The hand that achieves a value of nine or closest (8) first wins. If the total of two cards is more than nine, then the last digit is considered, e.g., a hand with a seven and a five (7+5=12) is regarded as a two. If a hand has an initial total of nine, e.g., five and four, it is said to be a natural and is paid out immediately. The same goes for a tie.

When a bet wins, the player receives a one-to-one (even money) payout. This means that they win a similar amount to the stake they had placed.

Baccarat Strategy

Given that players do not get to handle and manipulate the cards, it is difficult to formulate a strategy aimed at winning. Consequently, players usually play around with the odds and probability. The first and most common practice is to avoid the tie bet. Although it pays handsomely, the chances of it occurring are extremely low.

Card counting strategy doesn't offer much advantage, either. The absence of a clear cut strategy in the game does not make it any less popular, however. Players love the high odds that the game offers. Those without much experience also love it because they mostly depend on luck.


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