December 15, 2021

What is Dragon Bonus Side Bet

Baccarat is a simplistic game with simple betting rules and a somewhat low payout. Notwithstanding, a few side bets keep the simplicity exciting and make the game more attractive to players looking to win more money.  

What is Dragon Bonus Side Bet

The Dragon Bonus is one example of a profitable side game. This additional wager delivers better profits based on the victory margin than the conventional player and banker bets.

Some of the world's most popular online casinos offer the Dragon side wager in Asia and Australia. We intend to share more detail about how this works as you continue reading.

How does Dragon Bonus work?

This type of bet is placed against the house at some online casinos. The house will lose this bet if they have a negative score or their total points exceed the number of cards dealt. However, if the house wins, then the bet pays even money. In other words, the house takes no risk but still makes a profit from the bet.

To place a Dragon Bonus bet, players must first choose between Player and Banker options. These options determine whether the Dragon Bonus is played against the bank or the player. A Dragon Bonus bet is only available when playing against the bank.

When placing a Dragon Bonus bet, the player chooses the amount that they want to stake. There are two types of Dragon Bonus bets: Fixed Odds and Variable Odds. Both types of Dragon Bonus bets have different odds depending on the outcome of the hand.

Fixed Odds Dragon Bonus Bet

The fixed odds Dragon Bonus bet has a set payout for every possible result. For instance, if the player decides to stake $100 on a single hand, they would receive a payout of either $0 or $200 if they won. However, if they lost, then they would be paid back $100.

Variable Odds Dragon Bonus Bet

The variable odds Dragon Bonus bet offers greater flexibility than its fixed-odds counterpart. Instead of receiving a predetermined payout, these bets allow players to select the exact percentage of their winnings. So instead of being guaranteed $200, a player may earn up to $300. That's a pretty good return potential and could be beneficial to players hoping to get more out of their stakes.

Where can I find Dragon Bonus Baccarat games?

Many online casinos are offering Dragon Bonus Baccarat. To confirm if your desired online casino offers Dragon Bonus Baccarat, you can search for "dragon bonus" in the casino lobby. Alternatively, check out our list of recommended online casinos.

You can play Dragon Bonus Baccarat using your smartphone or tablet. Nonetheless, we recommend downloading the free version so you can test drive the game before making any deposits.

Also, there is no maximum bet limit with Dragon Bonuses. However, we do advise that you keep your betting limits reasonable.

Bonus $2,000
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